Each year, in November, the CDFS teachers go to the 15  gardens of Duncan Brothers and take admission tests of students of permanent workers who have just finished their Grade 5 examinations at the local primary schools. The questions are set in such a way so as to bring forth the creative thinking and the intelligence level of the child. Text book based questions are not asked as many primary schools do not have the adequate standard and there is poor attendance of both teachers and students throughout the year. This written exam is checked by the teachers of CDFS under the instructions to look out for original answers or views of the examinees. Passing mark is 50% of the total. However, the Managing Trustee goes through not only the passing scripts but also those below and failing in order to detect a sign of a intelligent and creative mind. Viva voce is then taken of all the short listed candidates. Each child is interviewed at length by the Managing Trustee along with two teachers of CDFS – again such questions are asked so that his/her basic intelligence may be manifest.


 SSC Result-2022

SSC Result 2022 

Students of Camellia Duncan Foundation School have brought out glorious result in SSC examination 2022. A Total of 15 students appeared for the board examination and the school secured 100% pass with all candidates securing GPA-5.00. Sunny yadav, Chandon Robidas, Sobuj Shaliya, Subol Rikmun, Aklas Miah, Puja Urang and Suborna Gowala were in Science group and all achieved GPA 5.00 as well as Bishal Bunarjee, Jahedul Islam, Sindhu Bhowmik, Protap Urang, Smrity Mohali, Sumi Robidas, Shanta Naidu and Asha Rani Rudra Paul were in Business Studies group and all achieved GPA-5.00. The Managing Director of the School, Mrs. Nasreen Subhan, admired the achievers. She thanked all the students and teachers for their combined efforts.



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