Field Trip 24

Field trips play a crucial role in a student learning process. Doing a proper field trip helps spark one's passion or curiosity. This will push students to take learning into their own hands and build a habit to do it more. Our study programs are not only based on theoretical learning’s in classrooms. We always try to reinforce students with various different field trips as well as everyone can taste the learning experience first-hand.

Like every year, this year we arranged a field trip on 16th February, 2024. All students and teachers from CDFS joined in this field trip and went to Sathchari National Udyan and Teliapara place of public execution. We started our journey at 10 a.m. and we reached our destination at 01:30 p.m.

Sathchari National Udyan is famous for its natural biodiversity and scenic beauty. It is a shelter for many animals and birds. Students saw many uncommon trees in the forest.

Teliapara place of public execution signifies the sacrifices of intellectual person, who were killed by Pakistani on 14th December, 1971. By seeing this place, students uphold their patriotic zeal.

After all, it was an educative and informative field trip. Students enjoyed this trip and passed a quality time with fun activities.