The school has been housed in the renovated premises of an abandoned central hospital of the tea gardens. This work started on 1 February 2003. Existing buildings were turned into classrooms, a laboratory, a library and administrative offices. In addition two dormitory blocks which can house 100 students were also built. The number of students in each class varies from 15 to 20. The first batch of SSC students from the school sat for their exams in 2007. To start with the school took only boys from the primary schools of the 15 gardens belonging to Duncan Brothers Ltd, Bangladesh. They are taken in at Class 6 and stay at the school till they appear for their SSC exams. Eight such batches have passed out of the school to date (July 2014).

The school has started taking girls since 2010 and the first girl sat for the SSC exams in 2013. She secured a grade point of 4.88 and also got selected for a Dutch Bangla Bank scholarship. She is now studying in a college in Maulvibazaar and along with 25 other HSC candidates like her, she is helped by the Abu Subhan Welfare Trust which runs the school as one of its charitable projects aided with funds from the Camellia Foundation, UK (CDF). In February 2014, 6 girls and 6 boys have sat for their SSC examinations.

The students have a five day week, with classes between 8.30am and 2.30pm. In the evenings they play football, cricket, badminton, table tennis and volley ball. On Saturdays they meet for various clubs, such as debating, art, music, newsletter, chess, dance and sewing. There is a growing library and the students can watch television programmes or choose from a good collection of DVDs. Home visits of three or four days are allowed once every six weeks and in between there is an open day, when parents can visit their children.

The children have exhibited their talent in various cultural and sporting events. Every year there is an annual cultural show where parents and garden managers and their wives are invited. Beside this they celebrate all the yearlong cultural and religious and national events such as 21st February, Pohela Boishakh, Eid e milad un Nabi, Saraswati Puja, Independence day and Victory day. They also take part in competitions like: essay, hand writing, chess, art, music and sports events. The awards for these along with the awards for academic successes in the classrooms are given at the annual function in front of the parents.

Field trips are oraganised twice a year where the children are taken to various places of historical, economic and cultural interest. The children are required to write an essay on each of the field trips depicting the historical, geographical, cultural and economic aspect of each visit.

There is a computer Lab having 10 computers, 8 being donated by DNet – a Bangladesh Government and American Bangladeshis joint venture. Three batches of 12 students each have been awarded certificates from this same organization. Two teachers from CDFS have been trained by DNet and they in turn take these additional classes.